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Hotel and leisure electrical specialists

As seasoned electrical specialists in the hotel and leisure sector, we stand out as a premier electrical contractor, exclusively dedicated to electrical design, installation, and maintenance. Our expertise is finely tuned to meet the unique electrical demands of dynamic environments like gyms, hotels, and other leisure facilities. Over our years of operation, we’ve successfully powered and enhanced the electrical infrastructure of countless hotel rooms, public spaces, and leisure facilities.

Our collaborative approach ensures a seamless integration of electrical solutions with our clients’ vision, minimising disruptions to their daily operations. With a team of highly qualified and skilled electricians, coupled with our design and build capabilities, we’ve perfected an operating model that maximises program efficiencies while consistently delivering top-tier electrical quality. Choose us for award-winning, innovative, and meticulously crafted electrical solutions tailored to the specific needs of the hotel and leisure industry.


Our commitment to collaborative partnerships has fostered enduring relationships, resulting in a robust portfolio of repeat business and maintenance agreements. Our expertise in electrical solutions has been sought after by Travelodge, Holiday Inns, Everyone Active and more for their respective hotel and leisure projects, being involved in the electrical design, installation and maintenance.

Our flexible, and innovative approach forms the cornerstone of our service. This unique blend enables us to consistently surpass our customer’s expectations while steadfastly adhering to the core principle of delivering top-notch electrical services within live environments. Trust us to bring a blend of expertise and innovation to your project today, ensuring a five star electrical service that goes beyond your expectations while maintaining the highest standards in live settings.

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